Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tom Paterson returns to The Beano!

Tom Paterson, the great artist of Sweeny Toddler, Fiddle O' Diddle and Clamity James, returns to The Beano with the latest issue! Tom has taken over from Nigel Parkinson on Fred's Bed, and this weeks episode is about the planet of the hamsters!

Be sure to pick up your copy of Beano #3648, out now for only £1.50! (And whilst your at it, why not grab a Dandy?)
With thanks to Harry Rickard for the photo - be sure to check out his blog here!


Harry Rickard said...

Turns out it was stock-piled. Looks like Tom Paterson will NOT be returning now we have the awful new-look Fred's Bed. :(

George Shiers said...

I agree - the new look Fred just doesn't work for me - and why does he have a bowl hair-cut??