Sunday, August 19, 2012

May I reMIND you...

ReMind is an amazing graphic novel that was started in 2006, and now, after six long years, the two books are finally ready to go to print together (book one was printed last year)! Illustrated by Jason Brubaker in his spare time, reMind is about a lizard man who had his brain put into the body of a cat, and is forced to rise to the surface of the ocean. But he wants to find his way back home, and does so using a suit that the cat's previous owner, Sonja, designed and built.

It's a terribly exciting story, and if you want to see what it's like head over to and click on the archive button - and begin at chapter one - you can read the entire first volume there (although there is a bit of a cliffhanger at the end)!

The books are going to be printed in full colour, hard bound copies with cloth binding, and the final product looks amazing.

But it's an expensive project, and it is something that definatly needs supporting, so if you have a little change to spare, please go and support the book over at kickstarter!

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