Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer in 1971 with Whizzer and Chips!

It's well into the summer holidays now, and so the last special I'm going to review (for now anyway), is the 1971 Whizzer and Chips Holiday Special, which cost just 15p (around £1.50 in today's money). 

The first strip was of course Sid's Snake, and in this great two page spread Sid challenges Slippy to get to the other side of the stream first, but it doesn't all go his way!
Glugg originally appeared in Wham! comic in the mid-sixties, and some of the strips were reprinted in the special, making up two of it's full colour pages!

This Champ strip with a poorly lettered title box is all about Champ trying to win the sand castle building contest at the beach! But it all goes wrong when he discovers he dumped all the sand onto a couples clothes!

Alfie in Africa is about a boy called Alfie who goes on holiday in Africa, and his uncle gives him a camera. What I really love about this strip is the amazingly drawn photo's that he took!

Moving into the Chips section and the first strip we see is the Chip-ite leader Shiner! In this episode he gets into a boxing match with a bee, and the whole family comes out with two black eyes each!
Harry and the landlord both decide to go to the seaside in Harry's Haunted House, but the holiday makers don't like the sight of a ghost at the beach!

Another strip from Wham! was also reperinted in this special - Footsie the Clown!
Happy holidays!


chris said...

I remember reading that very issue,in a caravan,in Skegness.
I was ten.

George Shiers said...

I hope this post brings back some happy memories :)