Friday, August 17, 2012

75 Years of the World's Greatest Comic

D.C. Thomson have written their official statement as to The Dandy's future over on Twitter. They say that they will keep the publication in print until it's 75th birthday, and the comic will then go digital. 

Here is their statement:

"A lot of people have tweeted us regarding news reports surrounding the future of The Dandy. A statement follows:

DC Thomson is continuing to develop its magazines operation & portfolio to create an efficient business model that will build on the strength of our existing brands and products. There are many challenges within the industry at present, but we’re excited that the digital revolution has also given us an opportunity to innovate and develop. We’re celebrating the fact that The Dandy has been in print for 75 years and we’re doing a lot of planning to ensure that our brands and characters can live on in other platforms for future generations to enjoy.

We will release a special edition of The Dandy to mark its 75th anniversary on 4 DEC 12.  This issue will be the last printed and will include a reprint of issue #1. There’s still a healthy appetite for The Dandy so we’re making it relevant for a new generation. There are exciting plans in the pipeline to take the title in a different direction & ensure that the next 75 yrs are just as popular. 

We’re counting down 110 days until the 75th anniversary bash & we’re working on some tremendously exciting things for The Dandy's future. What comes online then that will set the tone for the future. We’re excited that the digital revolution has given us an opportunity to innovate and develop and we’re confident that future generations will continue to enjoy The Dandy.

If you want to be the first to know about exciting new future of The Dandy, visit our website or follow @DandyComic."

If you head over to The Dandy website you will find a picture of Desperate Dan eating a cow pie, and a countdown to their 75th Birthday, and the final print issue.

I doubt there is much that will change their minds, but why don't you send them a tweet, email, letter or anything you can, and see what they say.

And remember - Always Keep A Dandy Handy!

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