Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nigel Parkinson's Banana Bunch!

I just recieved my Dandy issue #3589, dated 14th July 2012 (a bit delayed in the post, but oh well), and was very impressed with the Banana Bunch strip by Nigel Parkinson! Not only is there a great half page picture crammed with drawings and funny detail, but I particulary like the part of the strip featuring Fatty, who sprints at the sound of free food!
Anyway, here's the strip - now I think The Dandy could do with one or two more strips like this, in a "classic" sort of style! Maybe another oldie like General Jumbo or  Winker Watson

Click the image, and then again for maximum size.


Harry Rickard said...

I told you they were good - it's a shame they're only one page though! :(

General Jumbo would never work in The Dandy unless they added humour to it - Winker Watson would work well though but personally based off of The Dandy Annual 2013 - I'd love to see any of Will's three stories back as well as Greedy Pigg, Brassneck and Corporal Clott.

George Shiers said...

I prefer this one page strip to the two page ones - the big panel at the bottom is so funny!

Corporal Clott would be an excellent chracter to bring back! It's just such a funny strip!