Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Weeks Beano - 25th August 2012

This weeks Beano is a very intresting issue, with the cover advertising a new look for Fred's Bed. However, I personally don't think the new artist suits Fred's Bed, as the strip has always been more detailed when I've read it (and I don't like Fred's new bowl-cut haircut), but I'm sure the artist would suit a different strip.

Also inside wimpy Walter has fired his pet Foo-Foo, and has instead hired Claudius, who is still going to be here for a long time yet! Is Claudius going to go down in history along with other Beano characters? I'd say so!

The comic also comes with the final Golden Ticket, lightly glued to one of the inside pages!

All this and much more fun, out now for only £1.50!
The new look Fred.

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