Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This Week In... 1961 - Eagle!

This issue of Eagle comic, dated 6th May 1961 - Vol. 12 No. 18, was my first Eagle comic, even if I did buy 51 years after it came out! What pulled me in were the bright colours on Dan Dare's strip, and the artist is credited to Don Harley and Bruce Cornwell. This was part of the series called "The Solid-Space Mystery". This series was collected together in one book, although copies are very expensive.

As advertised on the cover, the main article is about the president, who at the time was John Kennedy. This was only part one of two parts. I'll try to upload a more readable photo when I have better light.

The centre spread featured a cut-out section featuring not one, not two but eight planes! I really like the Eagle cut-outs but this one has to be one of my favourites!

Frank Bellamy is a well-loved artist, but he only had one strip in Eagle at this time - Fraser Of Africa.

There weren't many humour strips in Eagle, so I'll go through them quickly! First up is Sir Percy Vere The Good Knight, signed by Fiddy. Does anybody know who the artists full name?

The next one is Chicko, by another artist I don't know, but they signed it as Thelwell.

And finally, Harris Tweed by John Ryan.

Out And About is an interesting strip, each week it would show you a variety of different animals, written by George Cansdale and illustrated by George Bowe.

And finally, The Golden Man, which is about the life of Sir Walter Raleigh. Robert Ayton illustrated it.


Standby4action said...

Nice article. One small correction...it was Frank HAMPSON that drew 'Road to courage' not Frank Bellamy. Simple mistake to make - too many Franks!

Peter Gray said...

Thelwell is the cartoonist who drew the funny horses pictures...just type Thelwell horses cartoons in google image...they are brilliant!

Lew Stringer said...

Sometimes a quick Google search is worthwhile George. Roland Fiddy and Norman Thelwell are very famous cartoonists:


George Shiers said...

@Standby4action - You're right! Too many Franks!

@Peter and Lew - Thanks for those links! It's sad to hear that Norman passed away in 2004.