Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Beano And Dandy Winter Games

Of all the comics and books I've ever read, few have had a much of an impact on me as the 2010 Beano and Dandy Winter Games. Not only does it have the best cover of any Beano and Dandy annual, but it also introduced me to the great Leo Baxendale.

Inside the front and back covers are a couple of very memorable pieces - two Banana Bunch panels spread over two pages. So much is going on in these panels, I have no idea how Leo managed to draw them every single week!

I love this book, comic strips with snow in them are my favourite type, and this book is crammed full of them! Not only can a lot of fun be had with snow, but it also adds a lot more detail to the panels. Sometimes it is so good it even feels real and that you're actually there - or is that just me?


TwoHeadedBoy said...

For some reason I still don't have this book - even though I used to flick through it every time I saw it in WHSmith's.

Love me some Banana Bunch, so it's a definite imminent purchase now.

Peter Gray said...

The two Banana bunch posters are from the first Beezer you say amazing!!