Saturday, May 11, 2013

Robert Nixon's Frankie Stein

I've got a treat for all readers today, as we take a look at Robert Nixon's version of Frankie Stein. Obviously, nobody could draw the friendly fool better than Ken Reid, but Nixon took over in the first issue of Shiver and Shake, and he was the perfect choice!

Robert was the only artist worthy of following in Ken Reid's footsteps and taking over Frankie. Although others had tried, nobody else could draw him as well. Fortunately, Robert used his own style on the strip, meaning it looked better than it would if he had copied Ken's style.

Anyway, enjoy these great classics from one of Frankie's finest artists, and, as always, click on the image and then again for maximum size!


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Kid said...

You've confused me, George. You say nobody could draw Frankie better than Ken Reid, then you say that Bob Nixon's Frankie was more natural and therefore better. Ah, got it! You mean his Frankie was better than it would've been had he merely tried to copy Ken's style. I think you need to make that a bit clearer.

George Shiers said...

I've changed it - hopefully it sounds better now:)