Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Phoenix Goes Digital

Sneak preview of the app.

Over on Facebook and Twitter The Phoenix have announced that as of January 4th both a paper version and a digital version of the comic will be avaliable. This is a fantastic breakthrough for the comic, and hopefully it will help the title become more widespread, rather than appearing in a handful of shops nationwide (and now one in America too).

Here is their Facebook announcement:

"Happy New Year!

You may have noticed that we have added something rather special to our Facebook page - a count down clock! Rather odd we will admit, as most of you will have done your counting down last night ... well this is counting down to something even more EXCITING!
You know that you can already get the great paper edition of The Phoenix every week ... well soon you will also be able to get it on the iPad!
And when we say soon we mean THIS WEEK!
That's right, The Phoenix will be avaliable from iTunes and the app store from January 4th 2013!! So now you can choose how you want to read it!
To celebrate The Phoenix going digital we have got a SUPER RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING OFFER for you - so make sure you keep checking this page so that you don't miss out! Or follow us on twitter!"

I don't yet know what the "SUPER RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING" offer is but what I do know is that the app will only be avaliable on the iPad for now, but they have said that they "have future plans for other devices too". Hopefully it will spread to cheaper devices too such as iPod's and mobile phones etc., both Apple and Android (and anything else I don't know about).

I asked about the price of the digital edition, wether it'll be the usual £2.99 or if they'll be reducing printing costs etc, and they replied:

"We will be confirming that soon. But for the first week of it's life the app will be avaliable for a RIDICULOUSLY SUPER AWESOME price!"

There is going to be a print copy AND a digital copy, so don't worry it's not going the same way as The Dandy!

I'm definatly looking forwards to this bold new move into another dimension, and wish the team at The Phoenix all the very best of luck! If you have an iPad, make sure you search for The Phoenix in the app store this Friday!

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