Saturday, January 12, 2013

The First Dandy Of 2013!

Issue three of the digital Dandy is released today and this highlight of the comic has to be a brand new strip by Tom Paterson! It's a short, six panel Laughing Planet strip, and I'm confident that it isn't a reprint from the original series, considering how short it is! Here's the first panel!

Retro Active by Wayne Thompson continues to give thrills, with the next episode giving us well over two dozen panels of edge of your seat action AND ending on a thrilling cliff-hanger!

An interesting thing to note in this strip is that the Chief Inspector is called William Grange.

Now, William Grange, where have we heard that name before?

That's right! William Grange is the same name as the Beano's 60's superheroe, Billy the Cat! I messaged Wayne about this, asking if he was indeed Billy the Cat or if it was coincidence, and here's what he said: 

" He is Billy the Cat! I'm just drawing the pictures not writing! :D"

The only problem with this issue I've found was that the text on Hammie and a few other speech bubbles throughout the comic was very small, but other than that it's a fantastic issue and the animation, which was jumpy and awful back in December, has rapidly improved!

There are a whole host of other treats in the comic, but I'm not going to reveal anything else! However, here are some clues as to what you can find inside!

This issue costs 100 credits, or £1.49, and can be purchased from


Bruce Laing said...

Constable Clod has returned, I noticed. :)

George Shiers said...

Indeed he has! A reprint from an earlier issue though, unfortunately. However Andy has said he'll be brining back one of his characters, so that should be good (I hope it's Dave the Squirrel).