Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Harvey Horrors - Horror Comics Collected

Harvey Horrors have been collecting great 1950's horror comics published by Harvey Publications and collecting them into books for several years now. Their latest books collect all 26 issues of Chamber Of Chills, a horror anthology published bimonthly from June 1951 to December 1954. Volume two is due to be released as a soft cover next month, and collects issues 6 - 10, and will cost £14.99.

Released later this month is Witches Tales, which ran for 28 issues also in the 1950's. This book starts at £29.99 for the standard edition, although you can also get a slipcase edition for £69.99, (limited to 300 copies) or a signed, lettered edition for £249.99 (limited to 26 copies). 

Now I don't usually stray outside of British humour and adventure comics on this blog, but the reason I did so here is because the artwork on these horror comics was just so beautiful that such high quality reproductions are certainly worth a mention. Unfortunately the 'comics code' came in towards the end of the 50's, and put an end to  all the great horror comics, so its nice to see collections of these now scarce comic such as the ones Harvey Horrors have put together.

I've only mentioned a few of their publications here, but to see all of them be sure to check out their website.



Arion said...

I love these old comics, IDW has been reprinted some in "Haunted Horror".

George Shiers said...

Thanks for letting me know! I've taken a look and the comic pages inside look fantastic!

If anybody else os interested, issue one is avaliable for $3.99 (US Dollars) from here: