Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Introducing Buster's New Friends

As you may have guessed by my previous post, part three of my Buster posts is about the introduction of some new friends for Buster. Nobody correctly guessed them all, so the characters at the top of the above issue, from left to right, are: P.C Percy, Brenda, Mister Blister, Jelly, Mr Crabbe, Delbert and Dozy Derek! 

They were fully introduced over Buster's two pages, all coming with a some sort of label label pointing them out.

Five out of the seven new faces were very popular - Brenda, Jelly, Mr. Crabbe, Delbert and Dozy Derek, and many of them even had their own strips!

Art by Mark Bennington.

For me, Jimmy Hansen drew the best versions of these characters, and also drew them for the longest (although the last few years were reprints).

Only a short post today, and there are 2 - 3 more posts (three max, depending on how long the blog posts are), and the next one will appear some time next week.

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