Monday, May 28, 2012

Flashback to 1965: Sparky No. 26!

Back in 1965 a new comic was launched, published by D.C Thomson. It was called Sparky, and was launched in January of that year, to last for 12 years until 1977, with the annuals even lasting until the 80's! Issue 26 went on sale on 17th July, and for 5d you got 26 pages of comics, puzzles and jokes! The front cover featured Sparky himself, demonstrating one of the many uses you can have with bottles of pop! 
This issue also brought with it the start of a new adventure strip called Lonely Wood. The story is based around brother and sister Frank and Pat Freeman, who find and look after injured or lost animals. Hence the first panel on the boxes of duck eggs it reads "with care" - and they're definatly been carful with them! 
Hungry Horace also appeared in this issue. Originally from The Dandy, his strip had ended in 1956, but had joined Sparky when it was launched and would even make it into the merge with Topper. I don't know how long he lasted from there, but it wasn't for at least another 10 years!
Another Dandy character to appear in Sparky comic was Keyhole Kate. Out key-hole peeping sneak didn't have as much of a success story as Horace did, lasting in The Dandy from issue 1937 - 1955, and from Sparky to 1974. Both Hungry Horace and Keyhole Kate in the Sparky were illustrated by George Drysdale.
Under Nosey Parker's strip (which is another revived character, although this time not from The Dandy), is an advert for the 1965 Dandy summer special! For just 1/6d you got heaps of holiday smiles, thrils and games to play! Now if it wasn't going for so much on ebay I'd want to get a copy!

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