Saturday, May 5, 2012

2013 Annuals Revealed

Over on, the covers for D.C Thomson's 2013 annuals have been revealed!

The Beano, this is definatly an improvement on the previous few annuals! Due for release on 6th July 2012 - £6.49 

The Beano and The Dandy, Panto Time! I'm glad it's not focused on simply Dennis the Menace this time, and the cover looks very good and eye-catching! It also comes with a CD of Beano pantomine songs and 6 crazy masks! Due for release on 31st August 2012 - £9.39

The Dandy, celebrating it's 75th birthday of course! Lots of retro characters been brought back by new artists this year, I'm very excited to see it! Due for release on 6th July 2012 - £6.49

The Broons and Oor Wullie, Classic strips from the 70's. This could mean no Dudley Watkins, who has of course been the star of previous classic annuals. Due for release on 31st August 2012 - £9.39

Oor Wullie, nothing to say about this one except maybe... a tartan background? Due for release on 6th July 2012 -  £6.49

The calender will be released on 1st Spetember, as will a 'Desk Diary'. Neither of the covers have yet been released. It doesn't look like a Dennis the Menace book will be released this year, after rumours that it was just taking a break last year so as to not distract readers from the Beano and Dandy book, which is a shame. With thanks to the people of the comicsUK forum for links to the images!


Andy Boal said...

I'm sorry to say that according to my sources, the Dennis the Menace book has gone the same way as the Bash Street Kids book, due to falling sales. :(

The Beano book cover looks like Ken Harrison, doesn't it?

George Shiers said...

No more Dennis!! :( That sucks... the 2010 annual sold out like hot cakes, I didn't manage to get a copy because they were gone too quickly.

As for the Beano cover, I'm pretty sure it's by Steve Bright.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed the cover for the Beano and Dandy Giftbook 2013
the cover has changed it now says Dennis the menace best ever panto booklet instead of the panto CD