Friday, May 4, 2012

POW! Free gift sells for £340!

A large collection of rare free gifts have been listed up on eBay over the past few weeks, including the Pow! Haggis Launcher seen above, which came with a replica cover of issue 3 and sold for £340!

Issue 3 of Smash! came with a cardboard Royal Navy Carrier Aircraft. In unused condition, this one rocketed itself to £304.89! (This didn't come with the original comic, just a scan of the front cover.)

Early Buster gifts are extremely hard to come by, and recently two were sold on eBay! Issue two's Zoomer Jet with original bag catapulted to £116 and issue three's Dodger Kit, also with the free bag, sold for £86! (Again, these only came with scans of the original covers.)

A Cor! Ratty Rasper without the original elastic band and metal ring, sold for just £14.50, which suddely seems really low compared to the other gifts! This was given away in October 1973.

And there are currently a few exciting items up for sale, including the Big Bang Gun from Smash issue #1, along with the original comic. It is currently up to £112.09. You can find it here.

When Wham! merged with Pow! in 1968, a free gift was given away to celebrate!  It was the 'Out Of This World Flying Saucer', which is currently on eBay for £32, with a few days of bidding left to go. Click here to see the auction.

The Buster Boomerang given away in 1962 is on eBay for a hugely overpriced £199 Buy-It-Now. See the listing here.
Also overly expensive are these transfers and pull-out booklet from Pow! and Wham! issue #54. Coming with a scan of the cover, the seller has listed them here as a Buy-It-Now for £229!


Peter Gray said...

they're not free gifts now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Shiers said...

Haha! Too right! Incredible isn't it - something given away free in 1967 is now worth over £300!

I wonder if in 40 years the latest Beano free toy will be worth that much...

Harry Rickard said...

The 'Out Of This World Flying Saucer' sold for a staggering £340.00!

It's crazy how a Smash or Pow free gift would sell better than a free gift from Cor!

I wonder how much Beano and Dandy free gifts would go for? The Whoopee Mask must cost loads now - I think there's only one green mask left despite there apparently being more than just green colours!

I'm sure The Dandy's Thunder Clapper or Thunder Bang or whatever it was would sell for a lot too!

George Shiers said...

Wow! £340! Incredible

As for the Cor gift selling for less, it's not that amazing, the Power comics were incredible, and the gifts are super scarce in any condition. The shown Cor! gift was only the cardodard, not the pin and elastic band or whatever came with it.

Well I didn't know that the Whoopee masks came in different colours. But it doesn't suprise me that there's only one left. I've also read that the mask that came with Beano #21 had no surviving copies, but I saw one in mint condition recently! So you never know!

The first Dandy came with a free Express Whistler, of which there's only one known to survive. I think your getting it confused with Beezer issue 1 which came with a free 'Whizz Bang'!

Or are you talking about later Dandy issues, because one or two came with thunder clappers?