Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This week in... 1986

Mayday was the theme in this week's Buster from 1986, but unfortunatly for our cap wearing pal, he forgot! Illustrated by Tom Paterson, it's a fun strip, well written strip with wonderful artwork!

Also, on the front page Buster has a copy of Oink comic behind his ear. Oink was launched on the same day that this comic went on sale (so it's 26 years old on Wednesday!), so this could have been an hidden advertisement for the comic!

Jack Edward Oliver always hid loads of little puzzles in his strips, and this Cliff Hanger is just another of those! The episode number is printed on Cliff's shirt, and Jack's initials are 'hidden' in the first box!

Terror Toys was a new serial which began in this issue, illustrated by Solano Lopez. It originally appeared in Buster in the later 60's, and was also reprinted in Smash!, Jackpot and Eagle. The strip is all about an evil toy shop owner who created an army of evil military men!
Quick! Shoot the cat!

The excting feature going on with Buster in May was the release of the latest Holiday Specials! This advertisement tells you which one's were on sale now, and which ones were coming out soon - but it doesn't tell you the price. 
Not the most exciting advertisement ever.


Peter Gray said...

Nice black ink work Jack did like the Star Wars spoof I've shown..
all his strips should be collected together into a book...
liked the hidden JEC :))

George Shiers said...

All his strips collected in a book! A good idea - it would look really nice if they were whitened as well so they looked brand new!

I approve this message!