Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet Carrots! It's Malcolm Magic!

Almost one decade ago, The Etherington Brothers decided to get together and take the leap by heading into comics, creating a brilliant new character called Malcolm Magic - the tale of an alcoholic rabbit who, after drinking a bottle of oil, is transported to another world - called Happy Hippy Dale (or " 'Appy 'Ippy Dale"). And now (well 2008 actually), the enitre series plus some bonus material is collected into one 320 page softcover book - The Big Kahuna Collection!

The story begins one fine night in the town of Fuzzton, in which a drunken Malcolm lets slip several jokes about snakes, in a bar filled to the brim with them. Dying for a drink, our thirsty rabbit spots a bottle on a small, wooden shelf. Naturally, he grabs the rusty can and throws it's contents down (later to find out he'd drunk a whole load of engine oil), and discover's Happy Hippy Dale for the first time.

But trouble is afoot! For the evil Bunny Bright Eyes was banished from Happy Hippy Dale forever, and is desperate to return. So using information from a captured Turtle called Robert, the ravenous rabbit builds a machine to return to the town, and hand over leadership to the snakes (who, by the way - are evil). And it's up to Malcolm and his friends, to stop him!

Sound intresting? To find out more you'll have to buy the book, which is avaliable online here for roughly £15:

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