Thursday, February 9, 2012

Star Cat - Phoenix Issue 5!

I thought James Turner's Star Cat story in the latest Phoenix comic was absolutely brilliant, so I'm going to look at it here - one part at a time!

So where else to start - than at the beautifully coloured, action pack first box!

Star Cat whoosing through the galaxy at top speed, been chased by some polo's and pigs that shoot lazers out of their noses! (Anyone who is new to the story will be confused at how they got into this position, but it would be a fruitless task!

Moving on now to panel numbers two and three, in which officer Plixx's legs continue to be made of jelly, but not any jelly - lime flavoured - "the flavour of FEAR!".

Boxes 4 - 6 focus mainly on Robot One stating that he is imune to the emothion 'fear'. He then takes a leak in his pants after a loud crash! Also in box six - Captain Spaceington announces his ingenious escape plan...

...which suddenly changes in panel number seven!

Panel's 9, 10 and 11 (I'm skipping number eight here) are brilliant! The Star Cat starts to wibble and wobble, possibly about to implode and then...

And it worked flawlessly, as well as making the best piece of scriptwriting for I've seen for aaaages!

Page two was also amazing (and time 'wasting' too - if you try and solve what the Pilot is saying, although it isn't time wasting if you enjoy it :D ), but I won't be revealing what happens here! To find out - pick up the latest issue of The Phoenix - on sale now for just £2.99!

(Advert for issue 6)

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