Monday, February 20, 2012

Fizog Ish. 1!

Now here's a comic I bet you haven't heard of! Fizog was launched in December 1994, with three main creators - Dean Wilkinson writing the scripts, and Mervyn Johnston and Lee Healey on art.

The cover star of the first issue was Lew's Talk - about a kid who when he said anything (and I mean anything) it came to life! A similar story to Freddy 3D, only without the 3D glasses, and the kid is called Lew... but you get the general idea. Any guesses as to what he said in the image below?

Next up is Garstang D'Gore's Not So Weird Tales, this time about a boy who collects insects, but ends up being pinned to some insect like aliens collection board, very gross humour! Artwork for this strip is by Lee Healey.

Meet Johnny Lightfingers - the world's worst pickpocket, who decided to steal a train, then go and rob his neighbour (who is from Arabia) whilst he is in the house! He ends up losing both his hands (but fear not dear readers, they grow back by the next issue)! Art by Mervyn Johnston.

This brings us on to Petes Past on Pals, a tale in which Pete befriends a group of ghosts he discovered in a graveyard (who only he can see) - the only thing is they hate him! Art by Nick Miller.

Skipping a few pages forwards we meet Bendy Wendy, a girl who can stretch inta almost anything, but instead of using it for good she makes people vomit and ends up hanging herself! Art by Phill Neill.

Billy Idle - the world's laziest boy (possibly even lazier than Benny Bones!). To show just how lazy he is, in this issue he sets fire to his room just so the fire birgade will rescue him and take him downstairs!

Marge Ick's Tricks is about a almost useless wannabe magician. I say 'almost' because sure she can magic up a full meal fit for a king, but the only down side is it's plastic! Art by Lee Healey.

The Crazy Adventures of... The Dead Family! Need I say more?

Brian Brine - The Big Fat Swine is the world's fattest School Biy, with a similar (but far more gruesome) story line to Billy Bunter. In the end of this first issue - he end's up eating his own leg! Without sharing!

Ratbag the dog is a great strip, all about the day to day life of a normal dog! Enjoy!

Billy, Ricky and Doodle is a story about two kids who find a magic fountain pen in a box with a do not open sign on it - called Doodle! Whatever he draws comes to life! A great story with yet more of Wilkinson's grissly humour! Love it!

Fizog also has a brilliant selection of jokes (called Fizog Funnies), here's my top three:




Just after Fizog was launched another comic came out - called Fizz. I noticed that in Fizz there was a kid reading a copy of Acne on his bed. Dean Wilkinson, the grand creator of Fizog, also happened to be the editor of Acne, so I asked him about it. He said:

"Fizz was the Acne owner trying to spoil Fizog. Nobody wanted to work for him any more as he was a bit of a dubious character. I got Fizz stopped as he was reproducing old Acne artwork without permission."

Some people eh?!

Ish. 2 soon!

(I am saying 'Ish' here because that's what was always used on the comic - i.e. - 'continued next ish', instead of issue.)


oliver forde said...

Did you like this comic?

Harry Rickard said...

How rare is this comic, George?
Is there anywhere I could get all three issues?

George Shiers said...

I'm afraid I've no idea Harry! I've seen a few issues pop up here and there, but your best shot is to keep looking!

Ed said...

I've got all three issues! Bought them when they were published and they're very rare now.

Anonymous said...

I've just moved house and, while going through a box of books, I found the first issue of Fizog... I'd forgotten all about it...