Sunday, August 28, 2011

Klank! Comic is back!

Well over a month ago Rick Eades, the artist for the online Klank! comic, posted two (but each one had only three boxes) new stories, both titled David Hassel-Moth! We thought his comic was fianlly going to get going again... but it didn't. We had to trundle on through June, then most of August as well - until finally he posted again! His new strip - Max's Marvellous Mobile Phone - was DEFINATLY worth the wait (In my opinion at least)! All that I am going to say at the moment is that it goes from washing up a plate to an invasion of purple aliens! You can read the full strip here:-
Rick has been posting his comics all over the net. Here is a Carrotty Kid strip he did waaaaaaaaaaaay back in November last year!
In related news, Steve Beckett has done an excellant job on a geust comic strip for the very latest Carrotty Kid adventure! Check it out at!

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Harry Rickard said...

I love Klank Comic! :D