Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dandy Figures Drop!

As I'm sure many of you know - the sales of The Dandy has dropped massivly - a huge 48% between January and June! That means that there is less than 7,500 readers a week! Now, I don't want to start any rumours that "The Dandy is dead" or anything (as a lot of people have had a habit of doing), but I'm sure the Dandy are going to be doing something to raise their sales. I really like the new comic (apart from all the celebrities that are cramming the pages), so I hope they will keep it as a comic, and not a magazine such as the Dandy Xtreme!

So keep the Dandy alive - by buying several copies AND get your friends to buy them as well!



Harry Rickard said...

I hope kit doesn't end, the reason why sales have dropped are two things I reckon.
1) Too expensive, £2.50 every week is a lot!
2) Too many celebrities, the comic is more like O.K. Magazine than the Dandy! It's sad to see that the have to rely on celebrities, the comic was great without a Simon trouser joke, a Jedward hair joke or whatever.

Another thing can be that because of the story runs, readers don't know if their favourites will be back or not. To be honest, the dandy are killing their comic and I'm actually very disappointed with them. In fact, so disappointed, I now prefer the Beano!

George Shiers said...

i think celebrities definatly has a lot to do with it - an example is Cheryl's Mole. This comic strip is basically exactly the same as the hugely unpopular Phil Finger, only with a different body part.

£2.50 is a lot of money, especially since The Beano and Dandy are supposed to be the cheapest comics you can buy!