Sunday, September 11, 2011

Madvertisments - a wate of space?

The oldest Madvertisement from a comic I've got is one Oink comic (#7 - 26th July - 8th August 1896). There were fake advertisements before this, but this is the earliest I could find actually titled 'MADVERTISEMENT'). Oink had many fake advertisements through it's time, and they were brilliant with good artwork and were actually funny! Here is an example from the 1988 Oink book.

When D.C Thomson relaunched The Dandy almost a year ago they also included a full page Madvertisement. Here are two of them, one from #3508 (top) and one from #3549 (bottom).

So looking at them now, are they still worth having in one whole page or are they simply been used as an excuse to fill up a few gaps in the comic? This Yoda one, although the artwork is good, has very little writing and isn't actually funny. But then again, I've never seen Star Wars...


Harry Rickard said...

Madvertisements are getting worse, they used to be very funny. Nigel's were the best but lately they're getting worse, they're not even funny any more. They should make it a half page, it's such a waste of a page.

I found the Yoda one quite funny. :/

George Shiers said...

I really like the Dandy, it is pretty much the best you can buy comicwise on the market today - but I feel that Madvertisements are filling up space that could otherwise be used as a comic strip. I really like the comic strip madvertisements - maybe just one or two half pages of those every now and then?