Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cheap Quality Fun

Toady I decided too quickly pop into my local bookstore, and I spotted these inbetween a bunch of other annuals (with titles including Speed, Dennis (The Pickle) and Scouts). They were very cheap (£2 each), so I decided I might as well get them! When I took them up to the counter the owner said: "I didn't know I had these!" (I think if he had known, he would have kept them for himself!) I wonder just how long they had been down there on that back shelf? The annuals I picked up were:
Dennis the Menace 1968
Dennis the Menace 1970
Dennis the Menace 1972
Beryl the Peril 1971

Okay, so I know that they're not the rarest annuals in the world - but when I opened them I was amazed by the quality! The only faults I could find was that the laminate on the spine of the 1968 and 1970 Dennis annuals was peeling (but only a little),the price had been clipped out of the Bery the Peril annual and one of the puzzles have been done in pencil in the 1968 Dennis book.
These books contain very lovely artowrk by Davy Law and the quality of the pages is amazing - they have hardly browned and none were ripped!
I am very pleased of my £8 purchase, as I have never seen such good quality copies of these annuals before! This proves that there are always going to be copies out there ... Well, sort of.

P.s. When I opened the 1970 Dennis annual, I found that the shopkeeper had put two yellow stickers over the oringinal price - of 7/6D!?!?!


Harry Rickard said...

Lucky boy! Got a Knockout 1974 in Ashford the other day, also I have the DtM 1968, go me! :D

(I got it for 1p!) XD

Knockout: 80p


George Shiers said...

Only 1p!! Good contition? I got a not-so-good condition Monster Fun annual from 1982 for 10p. Both covers detached,page 109/110 is ripped and has come loose and it is drawn in and ripped in several other places. Still, I can't complain for 10p!