Saturday, November 2, 2013

Menaces Vs. Zombies

I know that I said that yesterday's post was going to be my last Halloween post for the year but arriving through my door today was the special Halloween Beano! It's definitely spooktacular with (unlike yesterday's example) the Halloween theme being very consistent throughout the comic with every single character (besides the Lego advertisement strip) having a spooky theme to it!

Sadly it arrived too late for me to say "go and grab your copy now" as another issue has now replaced it, but if you failed to get a copy I'd recommend you do so, I'm sure you can easily get back issues direct from D.C Thomson.

Unfortunately, going by the cover of the latest Beano issue it doesn't look like there will be a fireworks themed issue this year. Fireworks issues are now mostly a thing of the past but that doesn't mean I won't be showing any fireworks strips here! I've got the first post written and ready and it will be going up shortly, after I add the final finishing touches.

This issue IS out now - for
only £2!

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