Monday, November 11, 2013

Frankie Stein by Ken Reid

It wouldn't be true to say I haven't posted any Ken Reid strips on this blog as I have posted a good number of them, but it would be true to say I haven't posted enough, and probably never will, unless I somehow scan and show every single strip he ever drew! That's why this post is here, to show some Frankie Stein strips which are considered by many to be his finest work, just like all the stuff he drew in the Power comics. Anyway, that's enough of me babbling on, here are the strips!


Kid said...

Where are they scanned from, George? It isn't Wham!, but the reproduction is very good. One of the Whoopee Frankie Specials perhaps?

George Shiers said...

They can be found in the 1974 Shiver and Shake Holiday Special.