Thursday, November 14, 2013

Compal Comics 2013 Winter Catalogue

The Compal Comics 2013 Winter Catalogue is online now and it kicks off with a collection of 64 copies of Ally Sloper's Half Holiday at lot #1. The issues range from 1893 - 1894 and are all in Vg - Vg+ condition, and are expected to sell for £140 - £180.

At lot number #5 we see a collection of Hotspur comics, the first 11 of them including the free gift that came with issue #1! The collection is expected to sell for £180 - £220.

At lot #16 is a bound volume of Beano comics from 1940! The issues included are #88 - #92, #94 - #96 and #98 - #100. There may only be eleven comics but I'm amazed to see they still have a price tag of £450 - £550! Wow!

There's also a copy of the very first Beano book up for grabs. Graded to be in Vg condition, the book isn't cheap and comes with a price tag of £2000 - £2500!

At lot #30 is the ever-sought Beano #452, the first issue to feature a Dennis the Menace strip, as illustrated by David Law. This issue is in great condition graded as Vfn, and has an estimate of £250 - £300.

The first 51 issues of Topper in Fn/Vfn condition are up for offer in a bound volume. Unfortunately, like so many others they're out of reach for anybody who just wants to read them as they are expected to sell for £450 - £550.

This is an interesting piece - the original artwork for the header of TV21 and Joe 90 comic, which was copied and stuck onto the front cover each week. An interesting little item which is expected to sell for £60 - £80.

Lot #100 is the one I'd buy if only I had the money - 84 issues of Wham!, ranging from #1 - #133. Unfortunately, it would take some saving up as it is expected to sell for somewhere from £180 - £220.

There's all this and plenty more over in the latest Compal Comics auction. Bids are accepted until 8PM (UK time) on Tuesday 26th November.

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Christopher Nevell said...

I see that originally the combined TV21 and Joe 90 was going to be No.243 of the original series rather than No.1. Seems like a late decision was made given that both numbers are present.