Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fleetway Firsts - Blunder Puss and The Duke's Spook

The issue of Shiver and Shake dated 13th April 1974 came with a strapline almost as big as the title: "2 Great New Fun Features - Inside!" Those two new fun features were Blunder Puss and The Ghost's Revenge, the former appearing in Shake and the latter in Shiver.

First up (going by order of appearance) is Blunder Puss. This unlucky feline had already lost eight of his lives from various idiotic accidents and only had one left - and it was up to the ghosts of his past lives to help him through any life-threatening situations. The artist was Jim Crocker, and it must be said that the story is a good one and is often hilarious, and although this origins strip isn't the funniest it's still good to read.

The Ghost's Revenge was about the tale of a ghost who sought revenge on the descendants of Sebastian Bloggs (of Cockfosters) for the chopping off of his head! Naturally, his haunting failed to scare the Bloggs', but annoyed them more than anything. Jumping through walls was a strange way of seeking revenge, but who am I to argue with a several hundred-year-old ghost. After all - the older the wiser (or so the saying goes...).

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