Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Beano 75th Birthday Bookazine

The other day I posted a review of the Dandy Summer Special, and now I'll bring your attention to The Beano 75th Birthday Bookazine. The cover is fantastic with the classic characters fighting against their modern selves. It's illustrated by Mike Donaldson, who you may know as the artist of Bone-O from The Dandy.

It's a fascinating read, and unlike the Dandy special provides plenty of information throughout. One treat was the very first sketch of Dennis the Menace, which was a basic scribble on a cigarette box!

There's plenty of information and comics to keep you going, including a never before seen Ball Boy strip that wasn't printed as it was too offensive, but the highlights are really at the back of the comic. Printed on high quality card, there are four collector's art prints at the back. They look and feel fantastic, and would be even better framed and hanged up on a wall. This is followed by a 16-page Beano comic, which is made up of the very first appearances of characters including Minnie the Minx, Billy the Cat, The Three Bears and others.

At £6.99 it is more expensive than the Dandy summer special but it is by all means worth it. If you liked the special magazine they released for the Beano's 70th birthday then you'll love this!

Both of these comics are on sale right now for a combined cost of £11.98!

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