Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ken Reid's Last

Today I bring you a sad strip, not because it has a sad storyline but because it was the last published work of the great Ken Reid. The strip is Faceache, and it appeared originally in Jet but survived for many years in Buster. This episode appeared in the issue dated 14th March 1987, a little over a month after his death, but he did (of course) work ahead. Anyway, I shan't keep you waiting a moment longer, so here is his last page!

There is, however, one more Faceache strip by Ken Reid, but he passed away before completing it. His passing was a huge blow to the world of British comics, and there was never anybody else like him before, and it's unlikely there ever will again.


Peter Gray said...

The last two scrunges are superbly weird...a Whale head and loads of eyes...he still had it to the end..

George Shiers said...

The eyes one is very strange! Maybe one day we can see the Faceache after this, the one he never finished.

Kid said...

Great as Ken Reid undoubtedly was, it's a shame to see how flat and stiff looking his style had become at this stage of his career when compared to, for example, Frankie Stein in the '60s. True, all the fine penmanship was still there, but the strips were tame and lifeless in comparison to his earlier masterpieces.