Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Faction No. 2 Ready To Preorder NOW!

The second issue of the New Zealand comic Faction is ready to preorder now. Issue two will cost $5 more than issue one meaning that it comes with a price tag of $24.95 (plus postage if you buy online), but it does have 90 pages whereas issue one had 76.

Faction was originally due to come out once every six months and so far it has (issue one came out in January), but sadly it will now be coming out annually.

If you can, I'd recommend buying a copy as it is printed on very high quality paper but if the price is too steep for readers outside of New Zealand (I'm not sure how much postage would be) then there should be a free online version posted on their website.

Faction collects a load of fantastic New Zealand artists in one place and it's nice to see how much talent there is here. I'll be posting a full review of the comic when it is released later this month.



gobshyte said...

was finally able to buy Strip no.2 from my nearest WH Smiths yesterday.any idea when no.3 might come out?in the back cover of no.2 it says june 6th but i reckon thats probably not the case now.any ideas?

George Shiers said...

I'm not too sure. Your best bet would be to contact John Freeman over at Down the Tubes.