Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eagle Weekly has become... Eagle Monthly!

Once again, due to lack of time thanks to a big project I am working on, I bring you a short post today, but hopefully it will be of interest to most of you. As I suspect you all know, Eagle was originally launched in 1950 with immediate sales of close to 1,000,000 copies per week! In the 1960's it quickly went downhill when the comic was sold to Fleetway, and as a result it folded in 1969. Then, in 1982, it was relaunched, with a new modern look in hope to appeal to the next generation. After almost nine years in this new format, it was changed from weekly to monthly. It boosted its page count to 68 pages and cost 95p, but it couldn't have helped the already falling sales. It folded for good in 1994.

Below is an advertisement for the first issue of Eagle Monthly, from the Buster dated 13th April 1991.

I'll be taking the comics time machine back to the 1940's and '50's soon, so stay tuned!

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Malcolm Kirk said...

Poor Max has been stuck on there upside down.