Friday, April 5, 2013

The New Dandy App And The Beano's iPrank

Today brings the exciting launch of a new Dandy app. When visiting the Dandy website it appears as though they've had another re-launch, as all the previous issues have been deleted and replaced by a free preview issue, and issue one. There's a screenshot below.

I've downloaded the app, and the first think you're asked to do is create an avatar that looks like you, and then give him suitable clothes. I can't seem to do this sort of thing, and this is what I ended up with:

Your avatar (the person you've created) will then appear in Desperate Dan's strip 'The Pie's The Limit', and there's a reward for finding him. Unfortunatley the app crashed before I could start reading the strip, but I know other people have got further so I'm sure it's all good fun if it works.

Sadly any past issues of the digital Dandy you may have bought have been deleted, which is really annoying and I hope D.C Thomson give them back to the people who've paid for them.

Moving on to the second app - The Beano iPrank. This one is a collection of digital pranks, and I'll very briefly run through them now.

The first one is called Beano Bigmouth. Basically, there are two screens of moving mouths - one of Dennis' mouth and one of Gnasher's. This is demonstrated on a Beano cover.

The second one is called Super Soundboard, and can play some various sounds such as a dog barking, to fool people into thinking those sounds are real!

The third one is Fart Finder, which detects who committed the stinky crime, although I couldn't get it to find anybody, but that might be because I didn't give it enough time (that, or because nobody actually farted).

The Menace-o-meter is very simple - it scans your fingerprint and tells you whether or not you're a menace.

And finally, there's Eye Fright. This one is a basic eye test, but after a few real questions (as shown below), the last one is impossible, and if you try to guess an answer, a laughing Gnasher pops up.

The Beano app runs far better than the Dandy app, which I found very tricky and hard to use, although the best comic app out there remains The Phoenix app! Both the Beano iPrank and The Dandy are free to download for Android and IOS devices, and I recommend you give them a try if you can.

We've also been promised a Pulp Detective app since the comic folded after just one issue, but so far it hasn't seen the light of day, and I'm beginning to doubt that it ever will.


Ronnie said...

Is there any word on an Android app for buying the Beano/Dandy?

Wait, is the Dandy app showing those naff animated strips, or is it actual comic book pages?

Dandy... why did you have to go and ruin a good thing *sigh*

George Shiers said...

I don't know about the Beano but the Dandy app I've shown here is available on Android. I don't know what the comics are like I'm afraid - the app doesn't run too well on iOS (it's better on android apparently) and it had crashed before I could start reading the first issue.