Monday, April 8, 2013

Frank Humphris - Artist, Sheriff, Antique Gun Collector

From Eagle, dated 7th Jan 1961 - Vol. 12 No. 1
I've been reading through some Eagle comics over the past few days when I came across the above article about artist Frank Humphris, the well-known artist of Riders of the Range. Frank's story is very interesting - how he was the Deputy Sheriff of Bexar County, Texas and his collection of guns and equipment, which he no doubt used for reference in his strips. He is also shown at his drawing board, giving readers an idea of how comic artists work, or at least, how he worked.

Eagle was brilliant in the way it had many articles, all of which are fascinating and entertaining reads, and it also had brilliant competitions (such as joining the Navy for three days!). However one thing I think makes it stand out is that you get to meet the people who make it in various articles. Sometimes they'd show you a particular artist, such as above, sometimes a group of people in the Eagle office and sometimes they'd send editors or writers out to do the jobs they'd have taken if they hadn't worked at Eagle. It allows readers to meet the otherwise mysterious people who make up their favourite paper!

Anyway, here are a few Riders of the Range pages for you to feast your eyes upon!

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