Friday, April 26, 2013

The Best Of Girl - Sister Paper To Eagle

I was browsing around Real Groovy (an excellent store located in central Auckland) when I came across this book about Girl, "The sister comic to Eagle". I've read similar books about Eagle, but I wasn't aware they'd also published one on Girl.

The book starts off with a short introduction by Steve Holland, which supplies a very quick and brief summary on the history of Girl, before diving straight into the strips and articles.

As with the Eagle books the rest of the publication is made up of pages pulled from the original comics. There is a good selection of articles, photographs and strips, spread out across 144 pages.

My personal favourite strip has to be Lettice Leefe, which comes from the hands of Captain Pugwash creator John Ryan.

You can get this book brand new for £14.99, or used for as low as one penny over on! If you are or were a fan of Girl, it's a great book with a great selection of strips!

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