Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Phoenix Reveals It's Plumage - Part 2

The Phoenix has arrived through people's doorsteps all over the universe - with some orders still to be sent out! If your's hasn't arrived don't fret, because some orders missed the delivery, but should be with you by Tuesday. If you are yet to subscrube (tut), then hurry up and do so! It's very easy, simply head on over to - choose the package you want (the pagkages ranges from the first five issues for £10 to a full year and binder for £99) and this fantastic comic will be on it's way to you! The other option is to go into you nearest Waitrose (which for me is a little over 10,000 miles) and pick up a copy there - if they have any in stock!

And if you unluckily missed out on picking up one of the 10,000 Issue Zero's you can now read the entire comic online over at their website! For free!

And! Pick up today's (Saturday's) edition of The Times for a free 8 page Phoenix pull-out!

Part 3 coming soon.

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