Thursday, January 19, 2012

D.C. Thomson Firsts

D.C. Thomson firsts was published in 1978 by D.C. Thomson, and inside it's covers were the first eight comics published by them. In order of appearence the book includes The Beano, The Skipper, The Wizard, The Dandy, The Rover, The Hotspur, Adventure and The Magic comic (although they are listed in a different order on the cover). I remember purchasing it in a second hand bookshop a few years ago, going into a nearby cafe and opening it, only to become hugely disappointed by the number of text stories. I also recall my friend stating "This is why I didn't buy it, all those boring text stories..."

I guess what attracted me to the book was the first Beano. I'd been a Beano reader for a few years and it was the first comic I ever bought, and really wanted to read the first issue!

Also, the cover is really bright and exciting, a whole bunch of characters from five of the comics inside (The Beano, The Dandy, The Magic Comic, The Hotspur and The Rover). I recall challenging myself and my friend to name all the characters, but only managed a few from Beano, Dandy and Magic, as I didn't read the others.

A highly reccomended book for anybody wanting to read any firsts!

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