Friday, January 6, 2012

The Phoenix Reveals It's Plumage - Part 1

The Phoenix #0 - given away free with The Waitrose Weekend.

Okay, so the official launch isn't until Saturday 7th, but I'm away on holiday today so I'll start writing now.

And besides, the comic has already revealed a little of what it has in store with the swanky Issue #0, seen above! All the strips look promising, here's a few that stood out to me:

Star Cat, by James Turner - I was too late to subscribe to The DFC (I phoned up and the lady who answered said: "We're sorry, we aren't taking subscriptions because the comic may be closing down.") so never read any of his 'Super Animal Adventure Squad' stories, but I'm hoping to buy the book shortly. I have read, however, he since deceased online comic - Beaver and Steve!

"You are as cunning as you are perpendicular, my oblong overlord."

The Pirates of Pangaea by Daniel Hartwell (Writer) and Neill Cameron (Artist) - I enjoyed this preview even though (or so I've read) a lot of people didn't.

Planet of the Shapes by Rick Tangle - Very funny and short, I loved this story because it needs no words to describe what's happening. (Although a few sound effects such as WHACK! and WHIZZ! would have been nice.)

What Will Happen Next?! by Patrice Aggs - Very busy scenes spread out over two pages, reminds me of Leo Baxendale's The Shake Squad, The Lion Lot etc.

Long Gone Don by The Etherington Brothers, The preview poster was incredible! So much happening and so detailed - really can't wait until the story begins! Look thrilling!

The Phoenix website has a much better way of explaining what's within it's pages though:

The free taster comic was part given away free if you quoted the code printed inside the Waitrose Weekend (It was nothing creative, just: PHOENIX1). Since I'm in New Zealand, I failed to pick grab a copy of this Waitrose Weekend - does any body have one to spare? (I'm not too sure about this - but I think other Waitrose Weekend's had little bits and bobs to do with The Phoenix within them?)

All 10,000 Isuue #0's have been given away, and hopefully you recieved one in it's smashing envelope through your door! I'd love to recieve one of these every week!

The Phoenix is avaliable to order by subscription over on their website, but it will also be on sale in Waitrose and Tales on Moon Lane (a little bookshop in London). I'd reccomend subscribing because you get the envelope and (if you subscribe to 6 months or 1 year) you get a free Phoenix binder!

Bruno Barker holding Issue 1 of The Phoenix! (Although, over on The Phoenix comic's website instead of a red background it is blue?)

art 2 coming soon!

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