Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Break

I am calling a blog break as I have piles upon piles of drawing and colouring to do! I'm currently working on two stories, not revealing one of them, but the second is The Implausable Adventures Of Eric, who will appear in The Wizzo Comic and also get his own book! I originally got the name for Eric from one of the ledendary knights of the round table, which went on to inspire the first story! He's based on Sir Geraiant, who was also known as Erec!

Anyway, I'll be back in one or two weeks, so watch this space!

This title box is still in the middle of the colouring process!

I also have a page over on Devaint Art, so check it out every now and then!



Anonymous said...

Now, since the internet happened (what was that like in the 20s or something?), a lot more people have been showing their work around, whether online or print-on-demand-ing their own books, etc. And that’s brilliant, a new medium for us all to share our little corners of the world.

Unfortunately it has also brought with it a species of self-entitled runt, who thinks because they have a couple of comics on deviantart, they’re top of the tits now. They’re cocky and, yeah why not, arrogant. Worst of all, they think the world owes them all the attentions.

Jamie Smart's opinion on deviantart

Anonymous said...

"Now I hasten to add here, again, it’s a very small percentage. Most artists online are humble and friendly however long they’ve been here, and thank god for that."

- Jamie Smart, from the same article.

Context is key, 'Anonymous'.

- Mr. I. Canbe Anonymoustoo.