Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Whizzer and Chips' last christmas...

Whizzer and Chips has always been my favourite comic, but sadly it folded in October 1990, meaning that it celebrated it's last christmas in 1989 (although there was a Buster with Whizzer and Chips chritmas number in 1990).

Most of the stories in this issue have a christmas theme except for four of five, some of them were reprints.

Of course, Whizzer and Chips was 'two comics in one', and each group - the 'Whizz Kids' and the 'Chip-ites' had their own sections of the comic. Within those sections were letters pages to either Sid or Shiner, and readers would post in letters saying nasty things about the "Weedy Whizz-kids" or the "Crummy Chip-ites"! I always enjoy reading these pages, and in this issue they have a nice festive theme - so I though I'd show them too you!

And finally, although a reprint from either Cor! comic, an earlier Whizzer and Chips comic or maybe even Buster, a festive TomBoy strip. Art by Brian Lewis.

Overall a great festive comic! If only Whizzer and Chips was still with us!

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