Monday, December 12, 2011

Scream Inn Board Game!

Scream Inn was a popular comic strip in Whoopee and was drawn by Brian Walker! But - to my complete suprise - there was also a board game! Produced in the 1970's by Denys Fisher, it was described as "A howling, hair raising, 3D action game." Intrestingly though, none of the characters from the story featured in the game, exept for the ghost. Another intresting piece of comic history, along with Ken Reid's Frankie Stein model, and the game can be picked up on eBay for around £70. Here's a few images:

The later instruction booklet was a bit more boring:

Another board game made by Denys Fisher is called Ghost Train, but I don't think this is related to IPC. Pictures below.


Captain Storm said...

Hi George ,

Touche! I blogged about this back in May of last year. Great minds think alike :-) Looks like we both followed the same line of enquiry and ended up with the same end results. Was disappointed to find out that the Ghost Train board game bore no relation to the strip of the same name.

The Cap.

George Shiers said...

Two brains are better than one!

When I discovered the game on ebay I was suprised I'd never heard of it or seen it advertised in any comics! I wonder if there are any othere board games out there yet to be discovered... :)

Anonymous said...

Just came across this webpage. I enjoyed playing both games as a kid (and still have them). Some real gems. It appears I may have an earlier version of Scream Inn as the instructions are printed on the lid, the box has one cardboard insert with both trays on one side, and the turntable has black trianglular arrows rather than cutouts.

Anonymous said...

Please put a photo of the back of the lid in enough resolution to read the instructions, and/or show the inside of the instruction booklet!!

We are desperate to play this game and can find the instructions no where.