Friday, December 23, 2011

Chrsistmas Beano - 1968

This is one of my favourite chrismas Beano comics, probably because it was one of my first. It sported a very nice cover by Dudley D.Watkins, but there had been better covers in the past, and there were better ones to come.

Inside Minnie the Minx celebrates christmas like anybody else her age would - waking up at 4:30AM and opens all her presents within ten minutes! A very funny story - I like the way the times are added in and it's only a minute between each box! Hilarious! On the second page shows a small advert for that year's Beril the Peril annual - which is strange as she didn't even appear in The Beano? Surely it would have been better if they'd advertised that years Beano annual so that kids could "hint" their parents for one? Art by Jim Petrie.

On the centre spread is a very nice, colouful Bash Street Kids story by David Sutherland - the most festive story in the comic!

Elsewhere in the comic Lord Snooty and his pals try to help Santa find them in the castle, but soon discover that he can't fit down the chimney! Art by Robert Nixon.

And finally, a very nice, funny christmas Dennis the Menace strip by Davy Law. My favourite part of the whole strip is in the last box where 'Sounds of festive whackings' is penetrating through the door!

You can read Dennis' first Christmas over on Kid Robson's blog:


Andy Boal said...

Snooty was by Bob Nixon. The differences in style over 30 years were quite remarkable!

George Shiers said...

Thanks! I'll change the post. I'm not very good at telling artists (at the moment anyway!).