Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Jackpot Annual

The 1984 jackpot annual has a bit of a festive cover, as did most of Fleetway's annuals that year, this one starring Top of the Class. As you would probably expect with an annual like this, not many of the stories inside had a christmas theme. I found one, and a few with a bit of snow.

The one christmas themed story is this Laser Eraser story. In the first box the tree has a label on it reading 'MR ODDSOCKS', a nice feature! Art by Robert Nixon.

There were quite a few stories that featured snow in them, in Kid King it melts so he replaces it with icing! Here is a 'Little and Large Lenny' strip (the character was probably based upon the comedy show 'Little and Large') , artwork by Artie Jackson.

Another christmas comic coming soon!


Andy Boal said...

That Little and Large Lenny isn't by Norman - I think it may be Artie Jackson

George Shiers said...

Another! I'll change this one as well! Thanks!

Martina Jolie said...

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