Friday, February 18, 2011

IT'S HUGE! - Dandy 3522

This weeks Dandy is out for £2.50! Ok, so it's a pound more than usual, but you do get 44 pages and some Toxic Slime and Squidgy Eyeballs. Just so you know and start moaning that prices were never raised because of free gifts back then, it doen't actually note that this is a free gift. I actually saw a preview of this comic a little while back on Nigel Parkinsons blog, but he never told us that the cover would be a little bigger. And yes, it is only the cover that is bigger, as you can see in the below image!Also, the comic features the return of an old Sparky strip, Tingummyblob, drawn by Jamie Smart. The issue also includes a 12 page Harry Hill story, Lords of the Jungle, another brilliant story drawn by Nigel Parkinson. Now, I wont give too much away, but here are the first two boxes!

Next weeks Dandy will also be 44 pages, and comes with a 'Knife through head' toy.

Dandy #3522, Febuary 19th 2011. £2.50, on sale now!

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