Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Nipper was launched on 31st January 1987, and was set to change the shape of comics.It didn't of course, as it only lasted for 16 issues, which came out fortnightly. Which is a real shame, as it was very good. As with a lot of other comics, a sample of Nipper was given away free with another comic, I think it was Whizzer and Chips, Buster and Oink.Unlike other comics, this one was pocket size (A5), and had 48 pages. Issue one introduced the popular Ricky Rainbow, a boy who could change colour! It reveals that he stood under the end of a rainbow, and has been able to change colour ever since. Nipper also included Nipper himself, a bit like Buster, but younger. Other characters included Flapper, Brad Break, Wonder Boy, Magic Trainers, Frankies Flashlight, Nursery Crimes and more. Nursery Crimes is a similar story to Kid's Court, but, because the comic was aimed at a younger audience, is set in a nursery. I am also a big fan of Felix the Pussycat, drawn by Tom Paterson. Also, I was reading reviews of Nipper online, and can tell that the only resource that they have is the 1988 annual, because Kidder, The Mini monks and Animal Army did not appear in the comic! With issue 6, Nipper saw itself go from a 48 page A5 comic, to an average 32 page A4 comic. So much for changing the shape of comics! Then, with issue 16, it folded and merged with Buster. With it went Brad Break, The savers, Roys Toys, Nipper, Handy Andy, Mighty Mouth, Strong Arm,Flapper and My Dad Mum!

Just before the title folded, a Holiday Special was launched. Unlike some other Holiday specials, this one featured 100% new stories. Like the annual, a new character was created to fill the pages. Pete the Poacher made his one ond only apperence inside Nipper.

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