Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine comics!

I was searching through my collection and decided that the first comic on Wacky Comics is going to be the Oink! Valentines special from 1987!

Of course, being Oink!, it's not going to be like any ordinary valentines comic. This issue features an Oink photo story called The Lesson Of Love! Basically, two aliens from the planet Bling, have come to earth claiming that love is not as powerful as their scientific powers. To cut a long story short, it ends with Blodnik and Wango hitting themselves on the head with a mallet. Just antoher typical Oink story!

On the centre pages we get some crazy Oink Valentine cards, featuring things you just wouldn't want to see on Valentines! Art by Tony Husband.

The comic finishes off with a superbly stupid back page story, which goes by the name of Stupid Cupids!

Next up is this Whizzer and Chips valentines issue from two years earlier. The front cover does of course feature the leader of the Whizz-Kids, Sid's Snake, illustrated by Mike Lacey

Apart from the cover, only two stories have anything to do with valentines. First up is Captain Kid, note the Ghost-Getter in panel 5. He is a raider from Ghost-Getters in Whizzer, illustrated by Trevor Metcalfe.

The other strip is on the back cover, and the occasion gives Joker a great excuse to play some pranks! Artwork by Sid Burgon.


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Neil said...

Hello there,
I run a small wiki about UK comics and I've just added an article on Captain Kid:

Would you be okay if I took a panel from the strip you posted to illustrate it? You will receive full credit for scanning it.


George Shiers said...

I don't own the copyright to the strip but feel free to use a panel.