Saturday, February 19, 2011

Comic Celebrities!

Dan Leno's comic journal (issue one dated Febuary 26, 1898), Film Fun and Radio Fun were the first comics to start featuring celebrity stories, but most people will remember them from Buster comic. Celebrities started appearing in Buster way back in the early 60's. It started with Whacko (who came to Buster with Radio Fun), quite a popular character who survived most of the 60's, finishing in 1968. Jimmy Edwards was Whacko, a nasty school master (with the moustache for it too)! He always had trouble from the kids, led by Claude and Cuthbert. Unfortunatly for them, they nearly always lost in the end! Originally drawn by James Malcom, but Reg Parlett took over in 1966. From Buster 6th January 1962.

Charlie Drake was another popular character, starting in Buster in 1961 (he was also lauched in Radio Fun) and ended in 1965. Artwork by Arthur Martin. This one is from Buster issue dated 24th March 1962.Bruce Forsyth wasn't a very popular character, he was launched in September 1962, and finished in August 1963. Heres one from 10th November 1962. Artwork by Roy Wilson.There were also other celebrities such as Benny Hill (1966- 1968) and Harry Secombe (1967 - 1968), but they were all gone by the 1970's.
It looked as though celebrities in comics had died, until the Dandy changed it's style late last year, with issue 3508! I'm not sure if they got the idea of including Harry Hill off Buster, but it did have a similar style to it. But then again, don't all comic strips?
Harry Hill, the popular T.V comedian, is drawn by Nigel Parkinson, and must be popular with Dandy readers, as he has survived six months in (and mostly on) The Dandy. But Harry wasn't the only celebrity to appear in the Dandy. There were one off stories (again drawn by Nigel) featuring 'Little' celebrities. Or, put into Other words, celebrities when they were kids. Unfortunatly, it no longer appears in the Dandy, but it's always good to read them over and over!

But really, comic characters are celebrities on their own aren't they? I mean, who hasn't heard of Desperate Dan?

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