Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Two Comic Flyers From The 70's

When looking through various 1970's issues of Whizzer and Chips I came across a couple of flyers promoting new titles. The first appeared in the issue dated 7th February 1976, advertising Action - "the paper of the 70's". The four pages promoted the stories and gifts - a red arrow in the first issue followed by a Hookjaw transfer and then 16 Soccer Superstar Cards.

The next flyer was led up to with no less than five clues over five issues. The first clue appeared in issue dated 10th September 1977; can you guess what it is?

If not, here are the next two clues:

Do you have it by now? If not, I'd be surprised if the fourth clue doesn't reveal all:

And here's the final clue, just in case you still haven't solved it:

Yes, it was of course Cheeky Weekly; the flyer for the first edition appeared in issue dated 15th October 1977. It was very similar in design to the Action flyer the year before; with the centre advertising the stories and the back page the free gifts. 

There were many other flyers produced over the years of course, promoting new comics, revamps/upgrades, new characters and free gifts.


Kid said...

It occurs to me that the character of Cheeky was the IPC equivalent of Bash Street's Plug. I wonder if it was deliberate? What do you think, George?

George Shiers said...

I'm not sure about that one - I suppose they both have big teeth and are both part of a gang, but surely the similarities end there.

Kid said...

Well, they're both considered ugly, but what I meant was that perhaps IPC recognised Plug was a popular character at DCT and therefore created a similar-looking one in the hope he might appeal to Plug fans.

George Shiers said...

And both characters had comics in their names - surely it can't be coincidence that Cheeky Weekly was launched so shortly after Plug?