Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Me and My Collection

Me, in 2012. I still have the coat.

A few months ago people were sharing photographs of their comic collections. I was intending to do the same, but stuff happened and I never got around to it, but today I finally got the camera out and took a few snaps.

I got my first comic, a Beano, in 2007. My mum brought it home and I've been buying comics ever since - I still own my first copy - the actual one she brought home, although now it is a little battered, as can be seen in the photograph above.

Buster comics from the first year of the title's run - 1960. I bought the lot in a bundle for £5.

I really started collecting old comics in 2008 when I asked my Dad what comics he read as a child, and I've not stopped since - I'm quite pleased with my collection as I've built it up using only my pocket money - I've rarely spent even £5 on a single comic, the only exception that comes to mind is the first issue of Whizzer and Chips.

Shiver and Shakes on the left, and a mixture of Whizzer and Chips, Whoopee and Jackpot comics on the right.

I spend some time looking through charity shops, bookshops and car boot sales whenever I'm near one which is where much of my collection comes from as I can't really afford to buy a comic and then pay international postage on top of that to ship it from the U.K. to N.Z.

A six-month run of Eagle comics from January - June 1961. They all come from a nearby second hand bookshop.

I was born in 1997 in Bedford, England, so started this blog when I was 13. I'm now 16. I moved to New Zealand in 2009, and went back for a three week holiday in 2012.

I'm slowly building a collection of early comics.

When I was about 7 years old (I can't remember exactly) my parents noticed I wasn't listening to them - it turned out I'd had an ear infection and so have a hearing loss. I got my first pair of hearing aids soon after, and got my third pair a few months ago.

A few of my Halfpenny Comics, all these ones from 1898.

That's just about all I have to say about myself. I'd like to be a journalist when I leave school, as I like writing - one of the reasons I started this blog.


Anyway, that's a bit about me and a few photos of my collection. Normal service will be resumed shortly.


Irmantas said...

Interesting to read about lives and collections of fellow bloggers and UK comics enthusiasts, I will do a post about my collection one day. I am sure you will make an excellent journalist when you leave school. That bundle of Buster from 1960 at a fiver was a steal! I am still looking for two issues from that year – Dec. 24th (a better copy needed) and Dec. 31. Is there a way I could persuade you to sell me your copies, George  ?

meherenow said...

George, I am sure you will have a brilliant career ahead of you!

I much enjoy reading your eloquent and well researched blog (I'm pushing 40 with two sons, the oldest being 8 and I'm slowly introducing him to the delights of my comic collection, finally got him into the 80s Eagle, just told him to persevere with some of the photo strips, although he does love Doomlord, who wouldn't?! In fact he tells me he loves the photo stories and "The Mekon and Doomlord are my favourites!" ).

I was the anon from your final Whoopee! Holiday Special post that also had this issue by the way.

Keep up the good work and hope we never hear any "Good news inside, chums!" as your life becomes busier.

Anonymous said...

Didn't realise you were so done very well with your collecting...also enjoy your blog..

Peter Gray

Phil Boyce said...

Lovely post George, and you certainly put my comics collection to shame! I might still put up some photos, even though mine only consists of Oink! (still incomplete), the complete Marvel UK Secret Wars, Ring Raiders (a short-lived but much loved title) and the huge Transformers UK run from the 80s and 90s. Actually, I think I will! You've inspired me George! And may I echo what others have said, you'll go far with your writing!

Lew Stringer said...

That's a great bunch of comics and annuals you've collected in just a few years, George! Good to know someone so young is interested in the history of comics! At this rate I suspect you'll be writing books on comics long after some of us have gone. The future, and the past, is in your hands!

TwoHeadedBoy said...

I knew you were young, but not THAT young! You certainly don't "sound" like a typical 16-year-old, so keep up with your interests, definitely.

You've got the advantage of the age you're living in here - all this information at your fingertips, with everyone free to contribute as well. Plus the extra dedication required what with living so far away and all that.

Congratulations, is what I'm saying.

George Shiers said...

Thanks for all the kind comments, everyone!

Irmantas I've no plans to sell at present but if I do I'll let you know :)

Meherenow - glad to hear your sons enjoy the old comics - that's always good!

Phil - I look forwards to the post!

Kid said...

And just think, George - you'll be a far better journalist for knowing how to spell 'definitely' correctly. I think I'm due a percentage of your future wages for helping you meet the requirements of your chosen career. (Hey, I never miss an opportunity to make money!) Out of interest, what did your W&C #1 cost you? Great collection by the way.

Kid said...

Okay, you drive a hard bargain - I'll settle for 20%.

George Shiers said...

We'll see Kid... *ahem*

As for my Whizzer and Chips, I think it was £20 I paid for it.

Kid said...

£20 was good. Incidentally, jump back over to my recent Frankie post - I've added something you might be interested in.

Ian M said...

Just adding my congratulations too, George. I only discovered your blog in recent months, and was astonished to learn of your age. Such mature, well written and researched articles, and yet just 16! I hope that doesn't sound too patronising to say that.

I too wish you well with your journalist's career, and please continue with your great blog for as long as you can!

Bruce Laing said...

Fantastic post of your collection. :)

I might get my camera out and do a post on my blog in the next week or so (certainly before the end of July).

Christopher Nevell said...

Great collection George - I'm sure you'll pick up all of ours in years to come when the relatives stick them on eBay!

paul rose said...

Hiya George: I Have Just Signed Up To Your Site..You Have Some Great Looking Blog's Which I Am Looking Forward To Reading...Smart Looking Site.
George I Am A Massive Fan Of Ken Reid,I Do Some Drawing And Have A Few Page's That Could Well Fit In With Your Ken Blog's?
Don't Really Know How To Send Them Though!
If You Would Like To See Them Maybe You Could Let Me Know How To Go About Sending Some Scan's Off To You? Paul.

PAUL ROSE said...

How Do I Go About Sending You Some Scan's George? Paul

George Shiers said...

Hi Paul - You can find my email address on my profile but I'll post it here too: