Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beano and Dandy Summer Specials 2014

It turns out that last years "Last Ever Dandy Summer Special" wasn't the last ever one after all, as both The Dandy ("back by popular demand", apparently) and The Beano have summer specials out now. Each are 68 pages for £4.99, the Beano's Summer Activity Special (as it is called) coming with free stickers. The front covers can be seen above, The Beano one by Nigel Parkinson (I believe) and The Dandy by Bone-O artist Mike D.

It's good to see summer specials making a bit of a comeback this year, with the 2000AD special and now these it looks promising, but I doubt they'll ever return to their former glory.

They can both be ordered online from D.C Thomson's website:

And if you wish to buy them both together, you can get them for £6.99 in the "Summer Special Pack":


Anonymous said...

really enjoyed the 2000ad one which i picked up last week in wh smiths but 4.99 for the beano and dandy may just be a little steep although having said that i probably will end up getting them both! thanks for the heads up on this


George Shiers said...

You can also buy them both for £6.99 in the "summer special pack", which is pretty good value:

Anonymous said...

just went to order them on the dc thomson website and if you buy both together you get them for £6.99 for the pair!


Kid said...

Interestingly, my local WHS still has a stack of the 'last' Dandy one on sale. Saw them again today.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Well that's good news, sort of. I missed last year's one... Any chance of you picking one up for me, Kid? Usual terms and all that?